Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday storms and dreams

I woke up this morning to rolling thunder, and the rain moved in quickly.  It is raining very hard out there, and so no morning garden work for me. Instead, I'm dreaming and planning how to improve the yard/garden over the next ten years.

Strategic plan:
This year:

  1. Expand the perennial bed along the driveway to make it wider and connect it to the garden next to the front steps.  Edge the whole strip with stones, and plant the extra space with hydrangeas and other perennials.
  2. Plant more bulbs in the perennial bed.
  3. Move some of the day lilies from the north side into the sunnier driveway perennial bed.
  4. Visit Garden in the Woods for inspiration for the back yard and start researching landscapers dealing in native species landscaping.
  5. Get driveway repaved.
  6. Move rhubarb to more suitable location.
  7. Work on the under the deck area and add plantings of hostas (taken from the north side) and ground cover. 
Next year:
  1. Add large new flower bed to front yard.  Concentrate on native species and include a small tree.
  2. Get plan for back yard in place. This plan will be a long term one whereby we will transform the yard into a Garden in the Woods like refuge in small steps over ten years.
  3. Continue to refine use of veggie garden space.  For example, after rhubarb is moved, what will go there?  Remember not to use Grow Camp for tomatoes. Grow more broccoli.
Two years out:

  1. Continue to maintain existing beds.
  2. Phase one of back yard plan.

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