Saturday, July 16, 2011


Another beautiful day! I used the cultivator on all the beds this morning in the hopes that the stirred up dirt will discourage weed growth.  The hostas survived the night and look perky in their new location, but we are still waiting until next week to tackle the splitting of the big green hosta.  The new sprinkler system in the Grow Camp is not working well.  Some of the little sprayer heads do not get any water supplied to them, and I suspect the plugs that attach the tubes to the main hose were not manufactured correctly.  We moved the working sprayers around in the bed to provide better coverage, and we will take the whole thing down in the fall and trouble shoot. The summer squash will be ready to pick tomorrow.  We should have our first green beans and peppers sometime next week. The chard is ready to pick again.

We have really small tomatoes on two of our plants, and none on the others, even in the Grow Camp.  I am wondering why we are not having our usual success.  For years we have been the first in the neighborhood to have tomatoes, and this year I wonder if we will get any.  We'll still have zucchini to share, though.

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