Tuesday, March 13, 2012

beginning 2012

I didn't do a good job of keeping this blog up at the end of last season, did I?  This year's season has begun early thanks to our unusual winter weather and the Grow Camp.  We were able to harvest lettuce from the Grow Camp well into January despite the frosts and snow that killed off everything in the main garden.  I added a layer of row cover inside the Grow Camp to protect it.  We harvested coriander all winter in very small quantities.  It is growing again now, and we were able to have a nice bunch with yesterday's dinner.  Onions are growing out there, and the chard is making a huge comeback.  Encouraged by the existing plant's efforts at new growth, I planted spinach, chard, carrots, beets and more coriander.  We'll see what happens!

My seed order has not arrived yet, but when it does I will be planting a new pea variety from Burpee in the remaining Grow Camp space.  I am also preparing the "outside" beds for early vegetable crops.  Usually I don't get around to this until April, so I am really early this year.  Should be fun!

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