Monday, August 1, 2011


It used to be that I had a very large veggie garden in our backyard.  We were without the use of our back yard for a couple of years while new pipes were being laid through our neighborhood, and I never resumed that garden.  Now I have a a much smaller garden. It is much harder planning a smaller garden.  We used to have a very wide variety of vegetables, and lots of plants for canning and freezing.  Now I am mostly growing for an extended season of fresh vegetables.  Different planning skills are required, and even after reading about square foot gardening and raised beds, I'm still struggling.  I struggle with keeping a balance between ongoing crop of beans and squash and growing more than the usual.  I'd like to grow many more types of things.  Today I opted to remove one of the summer squash plants so that I could plant rutabagas for the fall.  Decisions, decisions! This winter I will work on a more comprehensive plan to achieve a better balance.

Today I planted more wax beans, rutabagas, peas, and the last of the carrot seeds.

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